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Cuba’s foreign trade declined by a third in the last year, the country is several billion dollars in debt to sovereign lenders, and its economic crisis is putting Castro’s rule in jeopardy. Why would we lift the travel ban and let American tourism.

Republican criticism of President Obama’s trip to Cuba actually reveals how incoherent and contradictory GOP foreign policy has become. According to Republican critics, Obama’s visit and moves to normalize relations are just.

WASHINGTON — Betsy Blades has been curious about Cuba ever since 1959 when she was 15 years old and watched news clips of Fidel Castro’s revolution. The retired social worker from Baltimore, now 68, will seize a chance to visit.

President Barack Obama broke new political ground yesterday when he announced the U.S. would move towards regulating its relationship with Cuba. The changes could open the doors to increased travel and economic.

More and more US citizens are taking advantage of their new-found freedom to travel to Cuba by descending on the Caribbean island nation en masse — and now it is running out of beer. Cubans are struggling to get their hands on.

Sep 24, 2017. It's been a longtime dream to visit Cuba and I can't believe I'm finally here. And, perhaps, in the nick of time. Just as Cuba was opening up to Americans, President Donald Trump unveiled last June new travel restrictions to Cuba, rolling back previous advances made by President Barack Obama. With the.

HAVANA — President Barack Obama took more with him on his official state visit to Cuba this week than just his family and official gifts. He also has in tow some U.S. business leaders, who share with him a desire for opening the island.

The US government restrictions on travel to Cuba require that all travelers to Cuba from American institutions travel under specific licenses or categories. Most BU travelers to Cuba fall under two categories: educational tours or professional research or conferences. Let Global Programs help you navigate through the.

Commercial flights resume to areas affected by Hurricane Irma. Airlines and tour companies are resuming and rescheduling flights, as well as outlining cancellation policies for Florida, Cuba and other Caribbean destinations affected by the hurricane. Published: 12 Sep 2017. Commercial flights resume to areas affected by.

Dave Goldiner President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba last March, the first by a sitting U.S. president to the island in 88 years, was also a milestone for the small Cuban Jewish community of about 1,500 people. “We are living.

Cuba; a land of historic landmarks, cultivating tourism, an opulent nightlife, a delicious food & drink scene. Cuba Travel Guide offers info on visas, culture and more.

Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act is the name of three bills introduced into the United States Congress which would allow U.S. citizens to engage in unrestricted travel to Cuba for the first time since 1963. The first bill, H.R. 5022, was introduced into the 107th Congress House of Representatives in June 2002 by Sen. Jeff Flake.

Jan 4, 2018. In this guide you'll learn all about Americans traveling to Cuba and how to go about planning your own trip. (Note: This information is based on our recent experiences in traveling to Cuba as Americans for journalistic activity. If you want to travel to Cuba as an American, you should consult an authority for.

Despite the fact the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic relations last year, the U.S. government doesn’t allow citizens to travel to Cuba as plain old tourists. Instead, they must prove that they fall under 12 categories of travel, such as.

You’ll need to have travel insurance in order to travel to Cuba. It’s actually mandatory that all travellers have insurance, and you may or may not be asked to.

This Cuba travel guide is different. We are anonimous and thus can tell the truth. Some people enjoy the truth, others perfer Disneyfication.

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Encounter Cuba’s culture, history, and people with visits to the Bay of Pigs, Havana, and Cienfuegos on a National Geographic Expeditions cultural tour.

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Cuba Travel Network is the leading online tour operator for travel to Cuba. Each year we welcome tens of thousands of travelers from all over the world, putting our.

At Captivating Cuba, we understand researching and planning your next holiday is part of the joy of travel. We also understand it is very time consuming and.

Friendly Planet offers 6 to 9 day Cuba tour packages that include airfare, hotels, meals, transportation, and people-to-people activities. Experience Cuba with us today.

February 10-17, 2018. The International Book Fair of Havana. Join us on a literary journey to Cuba. Meet Cuban writers and visit the beautiful country! The Authors Guild Foundation offers a winter getaway to the International Book Fair of Havana and other cultural destinations in Cuba. This may be your last chance to visit.

Sep 29, 2017. The United States is warning its citizens against travelling to Cuba, and is ordering more than half of its personnel to leave the island in response to what the US describes as "specific attacks" on diplomats. The dramatic response is a significant blow to the diplomatic relationship between the two countries,

When, I wondered, would the US government ease restrictions on Americans traveling to this fascinating island? In 2011, 51 years after the initial embargo was placed on Cuba, President Obama lifted some of the travel restrictions. While it's always been true that you can travel to Cuba via Mexico, Canada or a Caribbean.

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We spill all our top Cuba travel tips including how to get to Cuba, how to book accommodation, how to get wifi, best Cuba apps, Cuba pack list & much more.

Jun 16, 2017  · The Trump administration will begin strictly enforcing the authorized exemptions that allow travel between the US and Cuba and.

If you are a US citizen or resident of the United States and are traveling to Cuba, according to the new regulations of the government of the United States, you must complete the affidavit for travel and deliver it on the counters of Copa Airlines when you start your journey. For Passengers that make Web Check-in, must deliver.

Our Caribbean expert Fred Mawer offers an essential guide to Cuba

Dec 17, 2017. Cuba may be one of the most interesting and exciting travel destinations in the Caribbean. But it requires a lot more advanced planning than its Caribbean neighbors.

My progressive politics tell me that U.S. policy toward Cuba has made little sense, and is harmful to pretty much everyone it affects today. The policies of these past 60 years, particularly the severe limitations on travel and.

Rapper Jay-Z’s recent decision to visit Cuba is a problem. Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé traveled to Cuba to celebrate (in their words) their fifth wedding anniversary in spite of a U.S. tourist ban. Many of my friends on the right ask: “Why.

Explore Cuba holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Timeworn but magnificent, dilapidated but dignified, fun yet maddeningly frustrating – Cuba.

Venture outside those all-inclusive hotel walls and discover the real Cuba today with G Adventures.

It doesn’t make sense for one ethnic group of American citizens to be allowed to travel to Cuba while it is illegal for the rest. The writing is on the wall: The recalcitrant Cuban-American old guard is rapidly going the way of the dinosaur.

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to visit relatives on the island. However, my Polish-American family, which contributed to the demise of European Communism, cannot. Much of the world has opened up to Cuba. Why does the United States continue to cling to an.

Connect with the local people and experience the Cuban culture when you travel to Cuba with Tauck.

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TAKING A DIP AT DAWN, OVERLOOKING THE VALLE DE VIÑALES, OCT. 11, 2006 – Gerard Oomen, 55, a supervisory board member for an accounting firm, from Breda, the Netherlands: "Every few years my company takes a trip.

Dec 10, 2017. In the five months since President Donald Trump appeared in Miami and said he was reversing all of President Barack Obama's Cuba policies — although he actually didn't — a devastating hurricane raked Cuba's north coast, and the U.S. State Department issued a warning against traveling to Cuba.

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Looking at the threadbare plane, it was easy to understand why everyone was so happy to. Under US law, tourism is still illegal in Cuba. But by opening up the number of categories of authorized travel the Obama administration has in.

There is a lot of confusion about currency and money in Cuba. A lot of people think, and a lot of websites claim that Tourists have to use CUC (Convertible Currency.

Nov 10, 2017. The restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba can be so confusing! Here's how to travel to Cuba as an American without breaking the law.

"If you’re allowed to (travel to Cuba) everybody’s got to make their own free choice," Christie said. "I’m just giving my opinion on it, which is I don’t know why you would want to support that regime given the way they treat their own.

Southwest Airlines now offers service to and from Cuba. Check out this board for the answers to frequently asked questions about preparing for a trip.

Travel to Cuba and experience the enthralling history of this fascinating Caribbean island. Experience the splendor of Cuba – a cobblestoned Caribbean gem where the.

Travel to Cuba for 15 days and discover its people and culture. Student projects include photography, creative writing and cultural geography.

Jan 13, 2018. MY LAST TRIP to Cuba had been in 1997 when the country was still enduring the periodo especial—the euphemistically dubbed “special period” of deprivation after the Soviet Union's collapse. At that time, traveling under a journalist visa, I noted roads devoid of cars and bare store shelves. Despair and.

Providing legal travel to Cuba for US citizens for over 15 years. Our knowledge of the area & relationships are unrivalled, Explore the real Cuba with us!

The US government announced additional sanctions and travel restrictions on Cuba Wednesday, following up on an announcement. even while the Cuban holding company operating the hotel is on the list. Asked why the hotel was.

Cuban nationals run for free—as opposed to the $1,000 or so foreign athletes.

Why not Havana? The kind of change Cuba needs doesn’t come from ignoring those who seek to oppress or wishing them out of existence. It begins with the kind of imperfect yet landmark moments like Obama’s visit this week. To.