A winter evening with Nickel Plate Road no. 765

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Steam locomotive no. 765 arrives on Christmas Eve as the nearby church bells chime “First Noel” in this homage to the O. Winston Link recording of The Pelican. Merry Christmas from us at the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society, Inc.

Original recording by Al Rayner. Images courtesy of Mark St. Aubin.

Little Red Farm House at Stay Down On The Farm

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Little Red Farm House at Stay Down On The Farm. Vacation rental cottage on our 100 acre farm. Fully furnished place for that vacation to Nashville or family gathering. Just 25 minutes north of Nashville. Easy access to Nashville, Franklin, Bowling Green and numerous country music and historic sites in the area.

St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church in NYC

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Saint George is one of the largest and most magnificent Ukrainian Catholic Churches in North America.
Address: 206 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003
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BCPOD #64 – BC LIVE from Charleston, SC

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The final episode in the BC LIVE series comes to you from Charleston, SC and Joey is still peeing blood. The guys get rowdy in another living room with Jack Hoey, ministor of research and theology at Seacoast Church. They also talk about an elementary school that’s conducting poop inspections on their students… for real.


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Nikon D5100 with 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens samples

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Sample photos from Nikon D5100 with 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens.

Photo by mohlaela

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Gefangen by banjipark

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Springtime at Yale University by m01229

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St Peter’s church, Claypole, Interior by Jules and Jenny

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Photo by mohlaela

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Palm Trees – Indian Canyons – Palm Springs California by m01229

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DSC_1432 by satanoid

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DSC_1470 by satanoid

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Dove Lake Boat Shed at Cradle Mountain by KOOEE Snacks AU

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DSC_1477 by satanoid

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DSC_1378 by satanoid

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DSC_1498 by satanoid

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Great Eastern Drive, Swansea, Tasmania by KOOEE Snacks AU

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DSC_1379 by satanoid

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DSC_1421 by satanoid

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Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: ‘They Snuck into Churches’

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Trump Steps in to Help as Ted Cruz Faces Sabotage in Texas Senate Race: ‘They Snuck into Churches’

THE TOWN MAG PRESENTS: The Nouveaux Honkies of Port Salerno, Florida

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Stuart — What do you get when you cross a little bit of Jazz, Country, Blues, Bluegrass, and good ole American music, The Nouveaux Honkies. Port Salerno’s very own, The Nouveaux Honkies gave “The Town Mag,” the great privilege of sitting down with them for a one on one interview which can be seen in our video section.

Lead singer Tim O’Donnell and violinist Rebecca Dawkins share their story. From playing in church groups to the top 3 on the national Americana charts, The Nouveaux Honkies bring a flair all their own. Tim and Rebecca play together in the band, and the two have been playing music before they entered kindergarten. Joining forces together in the early 2000’s, they liven up the music scene of south Florida. Regular mainstays at several local establishments, one cannot say he or she has experienced the Martin County life without seeing The Nouveaux Honkies live.

To keep tabs on the band, visit their website www.thenhband.com , search for them on Facebook or visit “The Town Mag’s” music calendar. To view the video, visit www.thetownmag.com , and the video can be shared by visiting “The Town Mag’s” Youtube page. Viewers are encouraged to “Like” and leave comments on “The Town Mag’s” Facebook page and follow “The Town Mag,” on Twitter.